Xiaomi M365 Pro Launching in the UK 17th August 2019

The Xiaomi Pro has probably been the most anticipated electric scooter to launch onto the market since electric scooters became a “thing” in the UK. It’s predecessor, the Xiaomi M365 has been the industry best selling scooter upto now, and depending on who you talk to, it outsells its nearest rivals by approx 9:1- and so it is with some excitement we all await to see how the Pro ( as it is affectionately known ) impacts the electric scooter hungry audience.


The timing of the launch couldn’t be better following the recent negative press e-scooters have had, which has fuelled more calls for them to be legalised and legislation to be brought in to ensure they are ridden with strict safety measures in place – something we both applaud and advocate.


The launch date of the 17th August is an unofficial one, but is being driven by the largest online retailers who report this as the date they will be getting stock out to customers. At the head of the line are ESW favourites, Pure Scooters ( who at time of typing are actually stating they will get the Pro to customers on Friday 16th August ) and Drones Direct who are sticking by a date “from” the 17th August.

It has been possible upto this point to get your hands on a Xiaomi Pro on these shores, but only as an imported model from Europe or China – we would rather wait for the UK version to arrive ( you can read our reasons why here ).


In terms of pricing, we’ll be launching our comparison table soon so you can get the best price in real time as they update, but for now it’s looking like Pure are the value leaders, with a live pre-order of £498.99. Drones Direct are going out at £599 with their pre order – and new kid on the block, TheEScooterCo are advertising that their pre-order, when live, could be a flat £498.


In the next few weeks we’ll be posting our Xiaomi Pro news, review, unboxing and comparison against the existing model and nearest competitors.


Xiaomi M365 Pro