Xiaomi Electric Scooter Fault Codes

What do the beeping noises my Xiaomi Electric Scooter keeps making mean?

We’re big fans of the Xiaomi M365 and thee Xiaomi Pro electric scooter here at ESW – it has helped redefine the electric scooter market place in the UK with it’s affordable, easy to use and accessible product.


However, it isn’t perfect and sometimes things do go wrong – the M365, bless it, tried to tell us when it isn’t well and needs some attention by beeping and flashing at us – the problem is, we don’t have a clue what it’s trying to say, and continue to either ride it regardless, possibly causing more damage, or we turn it off and leave it gathering cobwebs hoping it’ll somehow fix itself.

Fear not, we have the comprehensive guide to what those, beeps and flashes mean – this isn’t a guide to how to fix the issues, we’ll work on that for a later blog post, but this will point you in the right direction.


How do I know if my Xiaomi M365 or Xiaomi Pro has a fault code?


Your Xiaomi M365 tries to tell you there is a problem in 3 different places, your mobile app if you use one, by making long and short beeps, or by the 4th dot flashing green on the central handlebar unit.

Essentially, every error code is a two digit number, so whichever way you’re trying to read the fault code, think of it as you’re trying to work out what this number is, and then you can reference it with our table below.


If you use the App – it’s simple, it just gives you the number – easy.


If you’re going by the beeps, think of the long beep as the first number and the short beep as the second number – so two long beeps and 3 short beeps would be 23. Pretty easy to understand when you know that’s what it’s trying to do!


The same theory applies with the flashing of the green light – a long green light followed by shorter flashes gives you the first and second numbers. So 2 long flashes followed by 3 short flashes gives you….yes you guessed it, 23.


So now you can successfully diagnose your Xiaomi M365 fault code, what does it mean – just look up your number below and all will be revealed :


  • M365 Fault code 10 – BLE module communicaion error (not confirmed)
  • M365 Fault code 11, 12, 13, 28, 29 – Current sensors calibration errors or Power MosFET error
  • M365 Fault code 14, 15 – throttle and brake errors

  • M365 Fault code 18 – Hall sensors error
  • M365 Fault code 21 – Battery communication error

  • M365 Fault code 22, 23 – Bad BMS serial number

  • M365 Fault code 24 – Wrong supply voltage
  • M365 Fault code 35
  • M365 Fault code 36 – Battery temperature sensor error or overheating

  • M365 fault code 40 – Main controller temperature sensor error or overheating

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