mercedes electric scooter

Mercedes joins the electric scooter revolution along with Audi, Volkswagen and BMW with the announcement of the launch of an electric scooter.

The idea of a Mercedes designed and developed electric scooter fills me with excitement – how could it not just be the cool e-scooter to hit the market yet? But my excitement is slightly dampened by the fact that Mercedes failed to give any details whatsoever about the electric scooter.

Announced at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, their announcement was as follows :

“E-scooters have only been allowed on German roads since June, and it is already hard to conceive of a traffic scene without them. These agile, electrically powered scooters are the perfect way to cover short distances quickly and without harming the environment.”

They are jumping on the bandwagon following commitments and concepts from the other major car manufacturers, notably BMW, Hyundai,Volkswagen and more recently a very innovative design from Audi.

What we do know is that Mercedes is developing the electric scooter with Micro, an already established player in the e-scooter market, known for lightweight and quality products, if not for design and looks – but maybe thats what Mercedes will bring to the table. Here at ESW we’re eager to understand the pricing of the machine, will be available in the mass market, and of course, whats the specs like. We feel like it should be a good incarnation of an electric scooter for Mercedes to put their valuable brand name to it, so we await it eagerly.