Wouldn’t it be handy if there was an easy way to compare electric scooters rather than flipping between product pages and desperately trying to remember the stats that matter to weigh up which e-scooter is the best choice for you? Imagine if all the information, including price and the ever important ESW score could all be part of the electric scooter comparison in one easy place.

Fret no more, we’ve made the task of comparing and choosing the right electric scooter for you and your needs easy – just read through our easy to follow steps below and get comparing. 

  1. Click on an electric scooter you like. If you want to add this to your comparison, simply click the compare button as shown in the image below. This scooter is now loaded ready to compare.
compare electric scooters
  1. Now select the next e-scooter you want to add to your comparison and do the same thing again. Keep repeating this until you have added all the scooters you want to compare ( anywhere from 2-6 electric scooters is possible ).
compare e scooters

  1. Got all the electric scooters you want to compare together loaded up? Great – now just click compare and “voila” – you’ve got an easy to read comparison table with all the info you need in one place.

From the table you can click through to the electric scooter you have chosen, read our in depth review, find the best prices from the leading e-scooter retailers and go ahead and buy in confidence you have chosen the right scooter for what you need.

We’re constantly adding more information to our comparison tables, but if there’s something you would want us to particularly add, just let us know at hello@electricscooterworld.co.uk and the chances are we can build it in pretty easily.

If you’re ready to get comparing, why not start adding some scooters to your comparison table straight away? Just click on Electric Scooter Reviews and start choosing the ones you want to compare.