Xiaomi M365 Accessories

You’ve got the electric scooter, you’ve enjoyed riding it, but something is just …. Missing. We know that feeling, which is why we’ve pulled together this seasons MUST HAVE Xiaomi scooter accessories. Make your ride complete with this complete list of Xiaomi M365 and Xiaomi Pro accessories.

  1. Xiaomi M365 Mobile Phone Holder
Xiaomi M365 and Xiaomi Pro GUB mobile phone holder

You never know when you need to check Google maps as you ride do you? Or check your Xiaomi Mi Home App to see how much charge you have left? But it feels ( and is ) dangerous to ride one handed as you take your phone out, login, launch an app, look at it etc – so why not make life easy an safer with a Xiaomi M365 mobile phone holder? The one below is by GUB and works perfectly, and best of all, it’s only £14.99. It is easy to attach to the handlebars and you can ride safely while being as connected to your virtual World as you need to be.

  1. Xiaomi Digital Battery Pump
Xiaomi Battery Pump

Ok, so if there is a drawback of the Xiaomi M365 or the Xiaomi Pro electric scooters, it’s probably that they have pneumatic tyres, which whilst giving a nice ride, can also suffer from punctures. We can pretty much guarantee that if these punctures are going to happen, or if your tyre is going to go flat, it’ll be in the middle of nowhere with a long walk home. Also, nothing decreases the range and speed of your Xiaomi more than having low tyre pressures. Well good news e-scooter riders, Xiaomi have introduced this handy little battery powered pump, makng inflating your tyres to the correct pressure stress free. The fact it looks like an old skool iPod and is small and easy to carry only adds to the appeal.

  1. Xiaomi Helmet

Full disclosure time – this helmet is actually not made by Xiaomi, but has been marketed by them and is not widely regarded as an official Xiaomi helmet. Nevertheless, it is a lovely looking piece of safety equipment and comes with full working rear lights, indicators and even bluetooth connectivity so you can take calls and listen to music as you ride. It’s not the only helmet on the market to offer this type of functionality, but we feel like its one of the few that does this in style. We’ve only got the helmet in the black colourway, but it is also available in a white colour as well, so you can co-ordinate it with what you’re wearing!

  1. Weldtite Tyre Slime

Probably the only entry on this list which isn’t a true accessory – but we weren’t sure where else to include this. Weldtite is basically slime which makes your tyres as good as puncture proof. It’s easy to apply and once in, you’re saving yourself a whole World of stress and inconvenience through being safeguarded from punctures. Note – this doesn’t make your Xiaomi 100% puncture proof, it just greatly reduces the risk.

  1. Electric Scooter Carry Strap

So simple and yet so essential – this carry strap makes carrying your electric scooter around much easier. Especially if you’re using it for commuting, it makes going in and out of shops and offices, up and down elevators and staircases and running for buses stress free. For a tenner, it simply clips onto your scooter, you throw it over your shoulder and you’re away! 

  1. Handlebar Storage Bag

So this list was originally going to be just a top 5 of Xiaomi M365 and Xiaomi Pro accessories, but we couldn’t decide what to omit in favor of this handlebar storage bag, so we decided to just include it as a late entry. It’s just a really convenient addition to your scooter and enables you to carry those bits and bobs which would otherwise have to be dangled from a carrier bag on your handlebars. Think can of drink, small snacks, phone ( if you haven’t already got the mobile phone holder- see above! )

Aside from these must have accessories, we’re also big fans of pimping your ride up in your own style with a set of sticker kits. They range greatly in quality and design, but some of our favourites are produced by Pure Scooters.