Unagi have made headlines again in the short space of two weeks. On the back of bailing out another electric scooter company ( including fufilling orders with their own Model One scooters to punters who otherwise were being faced with seeing nothing at all for their money ), they have now officially launched the Model One E500. 

unagi model one cosmic blue

No prizes for guessing the difference between the Model One E450 and the E500 – its basically a dual motor scooter with 2×250 watt motors ( one in each wheel ) as opposed to the predecessors spec of 2×225 watt motors.

This is in fact, really the only difference – Unagi have astoundingly even kept the price the same. We’re waiting to get our hands on an E500 model to see whether the additional 50 watts makes a difference to the ride, but in our opinion, the Unagi was always a leader in style and design anyway, so we’re sort of glad that they haven’t made wholesale changes for the sake of the power increasee.

One thing they have added is a rather nifty customisation tool on their web shop, so you can customise your scooter with different patterns and colours.

The ink is injected into the carbon frame, rather than using sticker kits. The process is costly and you can expect to add around £300 to your order for the pleasure, but the range of customisation available is significant.

All in all, its refreshing and reassuring to see Unagi leading the way and making moves to be the forward thinking scooter manufacturer the industry needs. 

If you want to read the review of E450 to understand more about why we like it so much – see here : Unagi Model One review.