The Stator electric scooter ( or Stator LE electric scooter as the official title of this early model is called – the LE stands for Launch Edition ) is perhaps the future of design of electric scooters. On no level can this…..thing of beauty be compared to the mass market units that come out of China. No – the Stator is in a band of it’s own and is setting the bar for premium electric scooters higher than the rest of the field, in every aspect.

Complete disclosure first – we haven’t ridden the Stator, and nor are we likely to in the near future, as the launch edition is only going to be available in the US, but, and this is just subjectivity and rumour mongering at its very best, we’re pretty sure there will be demand for it, and with demand will come expansion, and with expansion we hope to see it on European shores in some shape or form in 2020. The launch date for the US edition is Q2 2020.

So why are we so excited about a scooter we haven’t even ridden yet? JUST LOOK AT THE DAMN THING!!! Yes we’ve realised we’re a fickle lover of scooters, and no sooner have we finished waxing lyrical about thee Unagi E500, we’re ready to move on to a new design favourite in the Stator.

Its been designed by an expert team, and one of the things I loved when researching the Stator is that on their own website, the information is more about the design than any hype. It really felt their passion for creating a scooter to be proud of shone through, and the result is the Stator.

Whilst not classed as a Hyperscooter ( a term we predict will become over used in 2020 ) this scooter is not just premium in design and perhaps performance, but is also premium in price. The launch edition will set you back a hefty $3995, making it a very considered purchase to say the least. But in my initial evaluation, I kind of thought it takes you above the price bracket of Inokims, but gives you the performance of an Inokim and the good looks of something like a Boosted Rev. Would I be willing to pay for that? If I had the budget, then yes, I think I would.

In terms of specs, we do have some – see below :

Max speed: 30mph
Max Power: 1000W
Battery:18650 Lithium-Ion
Length: 68 in
Width: 16 in
Height: 46 in unfold / 17 in fold
Wheelbase: 50 in
Tires: 18 X 7.8 – 10 M/C
Weight: 90 lbs (40.8 kg)
Voltage: 120VAC
Charge Time: 4 Hours (Standard Charger)