Xiaomi, whether you love, hate or are just indifferent to them, are a powerhouse in the electric scooter market.Their flagship models, the Xiaomi M365 and the Xiaomi Pro dominate the best seller lists for electric scooters the world over, and if you walk around any city in the UK, then at least 8 out of 10 scooters you see will be one of these two scooters.

But…with the recent news that a form of legality is going to bought forward, meaning that thankfully, at last, we’re going to be able to use our scooters without fear of reprisal, it means two things – sales of electric scooters are going to boom and peoples expectations from their scooters are going to be higher.

Whilst the original Xiaomi models are not terrible, they do fall in the category of basic in terms of functionality and performance, added onto the fact that they are both ageing in electric scooter terms. The M365 has been around since 2017 and the Pro since 2019.

Anyhow – all of this is merely background noise for the fact that Xiaomi have recently announced the launch of not 1, but 3 new electric scooters – the Xiaomi 1S, the Xiaomi Pro 2 and the Xiaomi Lite. An exciting development for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the market needs some shaking up – there’s been a lot of inferior products leaking into the market over the past year, with clones of the original Xiaomis becoming commonplace, some of the higher end scooter manufacturers disappearing ( Boosted ) and some realisation that what people ideally want is a solid, good spec, safe and versatile electric scooter for anywhere between £300 and £600. Of course, this doesn’t represent the whole market – but this is where the mass of people will fall, and it’s always the mass market that Xiaomi pitches itself at.

Secondly, in recognition of the above, it feels like that Xiaomi have drawn some clear battle lines. With their original versions, depending on who was running what offer, it could have been possible at certain times to get the Pro for near enough the same price of the M365. With 3 new models launching, and from the early specs we have seen, it looks like there will be an entry point scooter ( the Xiaomi Lite ), a mid market winner ( the Xiaomi 1S ) and and a higher end model ( the Xiaomi Pro 2 ). We are still waiting for price points for the UK, but again, some early chatter we’ve heard is the Lite is going to start at £249.99.

Thirdly, this move by Xiaomi represents a ability to cash in on an increasingly large market that’s emerging – the upgrade market. A lot of first generation scooter owners are now looking to upgrade or replace their first scooter. Much like mobile phones, no one wants the same one again, so what do they get?

Well with this move, Xiaomi captures everyone – people who want a new one, but want a bargain, people who would be looking to go higher in the marker ( think the Segway Max ) and people who want the same, but different.

Now, the 1S has already been featured on the Xiaomi website in China, and the first thing to say is, don’t expect anything visually different – it looks from a distance, identical. But there are some performance differences.

We’ll be bringing you in depth spec and performance reviews over the next few weeks.