UNAGI e500 model one electric scooter review

It’s got space age good looks, it has 2 motors for a powerful ride – is the Unagi E500 electric scooter the real deal?

Best Deals on  the Unagi e500 Model one electric scooter


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£698.99 ( Best Deal )

Get the Unagi E500 Model One from Pure Electric. The model they are advertising is the E450, but they actually ship the E500 – Click here.

£698.99 ( an alternative )

You can also get the Unagi Model one from new player on the block, Juice EV. The price is the same, and we are currently doing a review of their site and their service. Check back for details soon.

Unagi E500 Model One Description

The Unagi Model One review has been one of the most enjoyable to write, mainly because it is such a unique electric scooter in terms of look and feel. It doesn’t fit into anyone particular category and stands alone in an increasing crowded market place. Far from perfect, but still quality and elitist in its own right, we think you’ll enjoy it.

The Unagi Model One is a potential game changer in the electric scooter World. It’s very nearly what the iPhone was for mobile phones – it redefines how a scooter can look and challenges the norm both in terms of aesthetic design as well as the specifications behind the performance of the scooter.

It boasts a dual motor  ( one for each wheel ) functionality with an impressive 225 watts in each, meaning that you can cruise at a comfortable 15 miles per hour, and previously untameable hills become a scoot in the park as the motors make short shrift of any gradient upto around 25 degrees.


The Unagi is in a price category all of it’s own, which works for it and against it. @ around £700 UK price for the dual motor version ( there is a single motor but we couldn’t find it stocked in the UK anywhere ) this is not a cheap scooter, and certainly not an impulse buy, but nor is it a £1k plus scooter ala the Egrets and Inokims of this electric scooter World.

Ultimately it comes down to whether you feel like you’re getting your moneys worth for the price, and whilst I think the price is high, based on the test ride of the Unagi we had, I sort of did feel it was worth the higher price point. The build and overall experience felt premium. If you were to base the decision entirely on specs, particularly speed and range, then it probably doesn’t earn the £300 extra it commands over the Xiaomi Pro ( for example ) – but there is so much more to this machine than its speed….


Ok, the Unagi Model One is not a Xiaomi or a Ninebot Segway – it is a totally different machine and this is felt from the moment you stand on it. 

Who’s it for?

The Unagi Model one is a great commuter scooter, but for some reason, I feel it leans itself towards the creative, tech crowd – think web designers and developers and trendy advertising types. The early adopters of the World will lap it up – for the average e-scooter lover, this maybe a step to far at this stage – both from a price and a look perspective. If you’re into fashion it’s a yes, if you want something to get you from one office on an industrial estate to another – this might not float your boat.

You see, what the Unagi does from a performance angle, the Xiaomi Pro very nearly matches it, or beats it ( in terms of range especially ) and for £300 less. But – the Unagi does have the power of the motors and it DOES look great.

So for style conscious commuters and those who want to look good whilst travelling – the Unagi is yours, and you can buy knowing that you won’t be one of millions.


At the time of writing, we could only find the Unagi for sale at Pure Scooters in the UK. We have reached out to Unagi to find out if there are / will be anymore stockists. Not that it’s a problem buying it from Pure, we have always had good experience with them, but it would be just interesting to know where else they will be available and at what price.

Having said that, Pure Scooters have told us on a phone call that they have plenty of stock at the moment, and are expecting more in soon so they have little to no danger of selling out.


Apple don’t make electric scooters ( yet ) but if they did, the Unagi would be what they would come up with. There is no denying it, this is a sexy tech style e-scooter. It has, in my opinion, single handedly redefined how electric scooters can look.

It comes in 4 cool colour ways – Cosmic Blue, Sea Salt White, Gotham Grey and Matt Black. Everything has been thought about and incorporated into the design – from the kick stand that disappears into the base plate to the triangular prism style stem that gives the scooter a look of  being straight out of the future. Even the fold down mechanism is futuristically simple compared to the standard clasp design on most collapsible electric scooters.

The base plate integrates seamlessly with the rest of the body – no unsightly screws, bolts and rivets on this scooter!!! And it has a slightly raised front bit where you can rest your foot – I tried and it felt weird, so I didn’t make the best use of it.

Perhaps the biggest design victory on the Unagi Model One is the most inconspicuous one – its wheels. Firstly they are solid, so no punctures – win. But that alone is hardly revolutionary – the Segway Ninebots, for example, have been doing that for ages. But the design of the solid wheels  gives you more suspension, and I have to admit, I found the ride to be very smooth ( see above ) and it changed my perception of solid wheels full stop.

The lighting units, both front and back, also have . a thumbs up from me. If this scooter is to be used as a serious commuter scooter, then I would feel more than confident using it at night – the dual headlight gives it enough brightness – but also it just looks the part.

Overall, this is a beautiful looking scooter – if design is high on your wishlist, the Unagi HAS to be top of that list.


Our Rating

This is how electric scooters should all look....and ride

“The Unagi looks like how all electric scooters should – modern, cool, space age  -and it rides as good as it looks as well.

I love the fact it has dual motors, and I instantly noticed the difference going up some of the hills where I live. Where the Xiaomi struggled, the Unagi excelled. I love this scooter, and from the looks I got from  passers by, so does just about everyone who sees it.” – Matt McCoy, Which Electric Scooter

Unagi E500 Model One Media

The Xiaomi M365 is one of those e-scooters you need to see to appreciate it. It looks so much better in real life than it does from a picture, but luckily, we’ve got pictures and videos to wet your appetite.  See our collection below.

Pro’s and Con’s

We had the Unagi E500 for a 2 week period to ride and test – in that time we clocked up well over 250 miles, so we got a great feel for what the Unagi was good and not so good forr – see our list of pro’s and con’s below:


Visually pleasing

Powerful ( dual motors )

Light to carry

Solid tyres ( no punctures )


Slightly higher end price point

Range is limited vs latest scooters

No App to connect to and get diagnostics

Struggles with heavier ( +80kg ) riders



Every electric scooter on the market has different specifications, and much like buying a car, some of the specifications will be important and some less so, depending on what you’re looking for from your scooter.
We’ve listed the most important specs below along with a summary of what the spec actually means.

Range per charge: 15 Miles

Motor power: 2 x 250 Watts

Max rider weight: 100 Kg’s

Charge time: 4 Hours

Weight: 11 KG

Range per charge: The max distance a scooter goes on full charge.

Motor Power: Gives an idea of how powerful a scooter is.

Max Rider Weight: The max rider weight a scooter can safely take.

Charge time: The time taken to fully charge a scooter from empty.

Weight: The weight of the scooter.

The impressive spec of the Unagi E500 is without a doubt the dual 250 watt motors ( one on each wheel ). This extra power is what sets it aside from a lot of its contempories. 

The lighter weight frame should also not be underestimated, especially if you’re after an electric scooter to take to and from work – the 1.5kg differential vs the Xiaomi M365 for example, makes a massive difference after a prolonged period of carrying it around.

I think the disappointing part of the spec is the range – the Unagi can eek out 15 miles on a single charge, and we know that for most uses that’s more than enough, but actually, if you’re on full power ( and who wouldn’t be ) and you’re navigating a few inclines, you’re probably looking at more like 9 or 10 miles off a single charge. 

It’s definitely not a deal breaker, but for this price we would have liked to have got a good 20 miles per charge.


Our expert opinion on the Unagi E500 Model One

The Unagi isn’t for everyone, but those that it is for, it is top of the class. It is this fact that makes it a winner and a loser all at the same time – there are just a few conflicts around who it is truly aimed at.

The price rules it out of being completely mass market, the specs behind it make it worthy of the price, and then the design is so cool, it will be a hands down must have for those who appreciate the finesse of its styling, but could perhaps alienate those who like their e-scooters to be a bit more…. industrial.

I have to admit – I am biased with the Unagi. Of all the scooters I have ridden, I enjoyed it the most, probably because it just felt like it was different to anything else.