Best Adult Electric Scooter

2019 is the year that electric scooters finally became mainstream in the UK, with everyone from hipsters to commuters to mums on the school run and OAP’s wanting a bit more mobility, realising the value of what an e-scooter can bring to their life. With this increased demand also came an increase in the number of models of scooter available – giving everyone a tough choice – which electric scooter should they buy and which is the best e-scooter in the UK in 2019? Luckily ESW is on hand with our informative buying guides and now, we also have our top 5 best UK adult electric scooter 2019. Read on to find out who got the number one spot and why – as well as who came close runners up,

One thing is for sure, as the popularity of electric scooters increases, more and more models will be released into the market. We update our gauge on the best adult electric scooter every month, so check back often.

The Xiaomi M365 has been an industry defining electric scooter, and rightfully deserves its place as the best UK electric scooter 2019. The combination of affordable price, decent specs, ease of operation and just overall usability, make this the e-scooter for the masses. 

It’s far from perfect and if you’re a “serious” e-scooter rider and want something that can tackle tougher hills, has a good top speed and can do over 20 miles in one charge, then the M365 isn’t necessarily going to be the model for you – but lets face it, for the purpose of using an electric scooter, how many of us are going to need over 20miles charge in one day? It’s every thing else the Xiaomi Mijia M365 ( as it should formerly be known ) does that gives it the accolade of being best UK adult electric scooter 2019.

The gateway to this becoming the scooter you see more times than not on the roads and in the parks of the UK is price. If you really study the market, it’s the first decent e-scooter you come across at a sub £400 price point, and in our opinion, Xiaomi have crammed a lot of quality into those £399 pounds. Because of its mass market availability, more times than not you’ll find it discounted or subject to some sort of retailer deal – we’ve collated the best below that are currently running :

Best prices and deals for the Xiaomi M365

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The Xiaomi M365 isn’t for everyone though, and despite it’s amazing value, there are other choices out there, especially if you have a bit more budget to play with.


segway max

With a late entry in 2019 ( the Segway Max didn’t launch until November ), Segway did what they had never been able to do before, and totally disrupted the market.

The Max ( as it’s affectionately known ) is in our eyes, a game changer. It just does everything you need from a scooter, and it does it well. 

What’s more – it feels like this scooter is made for the European market. Debatable whether it’s 100% water proof, but it is definitely highly water resistant, tyres that are pretty much unpuncturable and a solid build that means you can really throw the G30 around without fear of something snapping or breaking.