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In our heads, we always think we could design a better electric scooter than the ones that are available – and every now and again, someone comes up with something we had never thought of, like the Unagi Model One. However, this is not the story of the Unagi – this is all about the Boosted Rev, a scooter which at first glance would be exactly the one I would build if I had the design skills, money and time to make my own electric scooter-but does it live up to the price tag it carries and the image it portrays?


The Boosted is not cheap. It comes with a hefty price tag, and the kicker is that it never seems to be on sale or discount. Basically, for £1600 you’ll manage to get a penny change and that’s about it. For a lot of us, that prices us out of the equation, but the market does exist for premium scooter buyers.

The second issue is that for £1600 you’re in the territory of the Inokim beasts of the Ox and OXO when they are on some sort of promotion ( and they frequently are ), so even for a premium buyer, the Boosted has some stiff competition, and its not immediately clear why it should be picked over it’s esteemed cohorts.



Powerful. Just powerful. Oh and exhilarating. So whilst we’ll come onto to some of the aspects that let this scooter down in a minute, firstly, lets revel in what makes the Boosted Rev so flipping glorious.

The acceleration is prompt and aggressive – I’m not sure how I quantify this, but compared to a Xiaomi Pro ( which I had just ridden prior to testing the Boosted Rev ) the Rev shot away as soon as I used my thumb on the accelerator….and on the subject of the accelerator…. Boosted have invested some design budget in coming up with a different style of accelerator compared to the normal wheel. Its like a sliding accelerator that you have to nudge to the left to accelerate and the right to brake. At first it felt strange, but after a few minutes it seemed like second nature, and the more I used it, the more it made sense. I’m not sure how it would feel after a whole day of riding, but certainly for the few hours I used the Boosted for testing, it felt good.

The top speed is a healthy 24 miles per hour – it doesn’t sound like a whole load more than the Xiaomi Pro at 18mph, but believe me, that extra 6mph makes a World of difference. I actually felt like I was keeping up with traffic and holding my own, rather than feeling like something between a member of the automobile fraternity and a pedestrian. Legal implications aside for one moment, what I would say is wearing a helmet is an absolute essential. Don’t take any chances, this machine moves at such a pace that being protected has to be a non negotiable.

The main downside of the Rev is the range – whilst touted as being upto 22 miles from a single charge, my experience with it is more like half that. Now that’s not a disaster, 10miles is still an ok distance, but, it is (a) much lower than the advertised range and (b) won’t be suitable for everyone. And for £1600 I kind of do expect a bit more range from my scooter.



Who’s it for?

I feel like Boosted have won this battle in terms of the war of the Premium Scooters. The Inokims of the World are big machines, they can go fast and have massive range, but, they’re not ideal if you’re jumping on a train, or commuting from station to home or office. And they don’t look pretty.

The Boosted however, folds down easily, looks the part and doesn’t weigh a ton – and it looks different enough that when you see someone riding the Boosted Rev, you immediately know they have something different in their hands than the standard Xiaomis and Segways you tend to see swarming the streets.

So the Boosted is great for the style conscious commuter, as well as the casual scooter enthusiast who’s main aim isn’t range.



Boosted are a premium brand and they only allow a very small number of companies to stock their products. At the time of writing, the only place we could find to buy the Boosted Rev in the UK was at Pure Scooters. We called Pure and asked them how they managed to stock the scooter, and interestingly, they told us that they had to have a bricks and mortar store before Boosted would even consider them as an official stockist.

Whilst we like the fact that this scooter retains it’s brand equity through not being available everywhere ( think the Xiaomi M365 ), it does mean that the price rarely fluctuates, and when Pure Scooters are running a promotion, it rarely features the Boosted Rev.


For all the criticism i’ve surfaced throughout this review, the one thing that the Boosted Rev stands head and shoulders above it’s competitors on is its looks. In fact, the scooter looks so nice, and looks so premium, that even with the knowledge I have of it’s range and high price tag, I’m still tempted to save up and buy one. Clever marketing on Boosted’s behalf? Perhaps. Just plain stupid on my part? Quite possibly. But the bottom line is this scooter is still selling – it’s not a volume game and you won’t see many, but they do sell, and it feels as if demand outstrips supply.

So looks wise it fits the bill – but once you actually get up close and personal with the scooter, you begin to realise what else it has to offer. The materials are solid and quality, the lines and curves are to die for, and of course, the thumb control for the acceleration is intuitive and sexy. This is a scooter built for the type of people who like to scoot and want to look good at the same time ( who doesn’t ) and want to turn heads.

If we’re judging purely on design, the Rev really only has one contender for its crown, the Unagi Model One I mentioned at the start of the review. It’s more premium brothers, the Inokims, whilst holding the speed and power categories to themselves, don’t come close to it. It’s like comparing a tractor to a Tesla.


I found this a difficult summary to write, because all in all, logic says the Boosted shouldn’t have a great score or evaluation – but I’ll you what, it’s a lot of fun to ride, it feels and looks premium and sexy, and if you don’t need a long range per charge and you have budget, it’s well worth a look.

Is it really worth double the price of an Unagi, or does it have the spec to command a similar price to an Inokim Ox? I’m not sure. I think what I would say is don’t write off the Boosted based on its nearest and dearest counter parts. Judge it on its own merits, of course take it on a test drive and then decide. I genuinely think it I was in the ball park for a scooter around the £1500 range, this would be in my top 3.  For a first mile, last mile journey vehicle it’s perfect.

I think what I found myself really looking forward to is its successor – not yet even announced, but given Boosteds reputation in the electric mobility market and how their skateboards have evolved, I’m expecting all the kinks to be ironed out of the next iteration of this electric scooter.

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