Inokim Ox Electric Scooter Review




Inokim OX Review

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The Ox stands out for a number of reasons, and one of them is its price tag. Coming in at £1799, this scooter is a heavyweight both in performance and in the hole it’ll create in your wallet. The old adage of “you get what you pay for” does ring true to an extent though – you’ll be hard pushed to find an electric scooter that comes close to the spec of the Ox along with the build quality that Inokim are renowned for at a similar price. So yes expensive comparatively speaking – but it still represents good value.


A theme that will come across a few times in our Inokim Ox review is that it is just an entirely different type of scooter to anything else you’ve probably seen, ridden or heard of, and this is also reflected in the way it rides. On the one hand, it feels a little hard to manoeuvre and turn in tight spots, due in the most part to it’s robust and bulky design build. On the other hand, it feels glorious when riding on a clear road or pathway – going over 30 miles per hour on this machine is one of the best electric scooter experiences i’ve had so far.

On the subject of ride, another thing to note which took us by surprise, and kudos to Inokim for the way they have built this. When you jump on for the first time and start riding, the Inokim Ox doesn’t just take off from under you – it accelerates steadily, and your first instinct will be that it’s not that fast at all – but then almost without realising it, you’re going 30mph and it feels like you’re going bloody fast!! The transition between those two feelings is almost invisible.



Who’s it for?

There is clearly a target market for the Ox, it sells well, and we’ve seen several of them out and about. I guess maybe we should start with who it’s not for – it’s not for someone buying their first e-scooter to see if it’s something they’re going to like – the price probably prohibits that, but also so does the handling and power. No, the Ox is for the serious electric scooter rider who has probably learnt through their Xiaomi or Segway Ninebot, that they need something with more ooomph.


The Inokim Ox, possibly due to price than anything else, is not available in to many places in the UK, and the places that do stock it, regularly sell out. The demand for a fast, high powered machine, is definitely there, even with the legal implications posed in the UK at the moment.


Touted as the SUV of electric scooters, the design of the Inokim Ox certainly adds to that accolade. This scooter looks, feels and oozes power and menace. Its both sturdy and solid – although it goes fast, you never feel unsafe on it.

Inokim have gone to some lengths to make the Ox look aesthetically different. Colourwise the orange on muted grey works well, and the lifted stem design and wheel fork orientation ensures that wherever you ride, you’ll attract admiring glances.

Summary – Inokim Ox Review

If power and speed is your thing, then give the Ox a chance – you won’t be disappointed. If you’re just going to be scooting short distances and don’t need the speed, save your money and go for something else. The Inokim Ox is a great machine and borders that transition between electric scooters being a fun way to get around to actually being an electric vehicle.

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