Ninebot Segway Air T15




Ninebot Segway Air T15

The Ninebot Segway Air T15 Electric Scooter has been announced at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Whilst not available to buy yet, you can keep up to date with its release date and be the first to know when it can be pre ordered in the UK – just enter your email address below :


What do we know about the Segway Air T15 Electric Scooter?

The Ninebot Segway Air T15 is a slight departure from the normal electric scooter mould that the ES4, ES2 and Max represent. Most noticeably it doesn’t have a throttle control – instead the scooter intelligently cruises you along at a speed dictated by how much you kick it off, the road surface and any resistance it can sense. Speed can be increased by kicking along more, and can be decreased by tapping the rear wheel break with your foot.

From what we’ve seen already, actually where this scooter really wins is the way it folds down – it seems to be far more compact than any other electric scooter we’ve come across so far. It does this with the simple touch of a button – interesting.

Pricewise, it’s not set in stone, but the US pricing has been strongly rumoured to be around $699 – so it’s likely the UK price will be about the same.

Other specs we know at this point are that it has a 300 watt motor, can maintain a speed of between 12 to 13 mph even on a 15 degree incline, has a range of about 9 miles and has a much improved display unit compared to the traditional round one you see on the rest of the Ninebot family.

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