Ninebot Segway ES2 – Black UK Version

The Ninebot Segway is the electric scooter that has everything, except mass market take up. Often overlooked in favor of its cousin, the Xiaomi M365, it has a quietly growing user base who all know one big secret – it’s a bloody good e-scooter.




Ninebot Segway ES2 Review

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The Ninebot Segway ES2 does everything right for a scooter in the price range it’s at – in fact if you had a dream of the ideal electric scooter, the ES2 would probably be what you dreamt of…and yet it’s never reached its full potential in terms of critical mass in the UK market. You’ll see plenty of them around, but, the Xiaomi M365 seems to dwarf it in terms of sheer user base. Is this fair? Our Ninebot Segway ES2 review reveals all – read on…


The Ninebot Segway ES2 comes in at a reasonable £499 price tag in the UK ( for UK stock ). Segways play at bringing a sub £500, decent spec electric scooter into the market place was a solid one, and for what you get as a machine technically, the price is a good one. The solid and robustness of the machine coupled with the generous 300 watt motor, rear suspension and the ability to change under deck lighting via the cool app means that you


The Ninebot Segway ES2 glides around inner city roads and over smooth surfaces effortlessly. For some reason, the thicker designed stem and handlebars, and the more robust look of the scooter makes me feel safer and more secure than, for example on the Xiaomi. Over nice, flat surfaces this machines positively whirrs along – however, there is a pro and con coming – the pro being this electric scooter benefits from having solid rubber tyres, meaning no risk of punctures, and able to ride over rougher surfaces without fear of damage. The con? You feel those bumps and rough surfaces a whole lot more.


The Ninebot ES2 is easy as anything to ride – just kick off and press the thumb accelerator and you’re up and riding. The central display unit is ideally placed and you can see all sorts of info – what mode you’re in, how fast you’re going, and in the unlikely event of an error with it, it should show there as well.

One of the things I like about the ES2 but it is divisive, is the thumb brake. It’s an electric brake and marks a departure from the traditional hand brake like a bike. It becomes instinctive to use after just a few minutes of riding.

The ES2 comes with an eco friendly mode, a cruise control function, and my favourite, a multi light function under the kick board that you can control with the app, so if you’re riding at night, you can look whatever colour you feel!!!

Who’s it for?

This is the ideal commuter scooter – City centres beware, because the Ninebot Segway is ideal for you. Need a faster ride to and from the tube station or train station? This is your new best friend. The advanced functionality of the app, which as well as controlling the lighting on the scooter and your modes, can also find friends nearby who also have a Ninebot scooter,  make this scooter appealing to the younger audience, and whilst it may be to pricey for a lot of students, i wouldn’t be surprised to find a number of these darting around universities and colleges in a city near you soon.


The Ninebot Segway ES2 is available from a majority of electric scooter stockists. The brand name Segway gives it some credibility so it’s not surprising that it is part of every serious players range. It is well worth checking our pricing table above, as over time, we have noticed that someone somewhere has always got the ES2 available with a discount.


I love the design of the Ninebot Segway ES2- yes it looks kind of chunky, but only in a spaceship sort of way. Overall it screams “sturdy and safe” and i’m all for that. I love everything about this scooter from the kick board to the handlebars. I got a lot of looks as I scooted past people and of the few people who I did stop and talk to, they were all interested in the thick stem leading upto the handlebars- I guess that’s what makes the ES2 distinctive.


I really enjoy using the Ninebot ES2. It definitely gives me a nice ride, and I feel like i’m driving something hi tech, and most importantly, safe. The display console is really nice – and although the aesthetic of the scooter can be seen as slightly chunky, I prefer this sort of approach. The “but” in this summary comes from the price – essentially, it’s a £100 more than the Xiaomi M365, and I’m not sure that all the differences amount to that much value. Slightly more power, and a better display….and solid rubber tyres which can be seen as an improvement in some ways, but a detractor in others….it’s just hard to justify the extra spend, and actually, if I spend nearly £500, i might as well go the extra mile and get a Xiaomi Pro. However, if you can catch this scooter on a discount or sale, it’s definitely worth a consideration.

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