Xiaomi M365 Pro Review – Black UK Version

The Xiaomi Pro takes a winning formula that the original Xiaomi M365 established and builds on it.




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[wpsm_reviewbox title=”Xiaomi M365 Pro Review” criterias=”Price:7;Range:9;Ease of use:8;Speed:7.5;Reliability:7.5″ pros=”Long range;Good display;Good on hills;;” cons=”Heavier ( than M365 );” ]

This years most hotly anticipated electric scooter launch has been without a doubt the Xiaomi M365 Pro – demand for just pre orders on this e-scooter have been selling more than any of its nearest rivals, and that was before it had even hit these shores officially. The good news, we managed to get our hands on one a few days before everyone else and took it through its paces.


Xiaomi has kept to its winning strategy that it set out with the M365 and kept the price point keen – coming in around the £525 mark at a lot of UK retailers, it remains one of the more affordable options on the market. The biggest comparison people will be doing will be against its comparative cousin, the Ninebot Segway ES4 which can usually be found for around £675.

As always, we expect to see some discounting as retailers look to shift units of the Pro and gain customers, especially heading into the Christmas period, and we think you’ll more often than not be able to pick up a Xiaomi Pro for just under £500 – keep checking our price table above for the latest prices and deals.


The Pro rides very similarly to the M365 in that you have the benefit of the air filled tyres to absorb a lot of the bumps and vibrations. Where it differs is the Pro immediately gives you a sense that it has a bit more power under the bonnet, if it had a bonnet. To put this into context, the top speed is roughly the same, but the acceleration, range and ability to manage hills is where there is a marked difference. The complaints I might have about the M365 have been addressed in this sense.

Range anxiety is not something I would say I suffer from, but having the added headroom on a single battery charge feels strangely reassuring – if I forget to put it on charge one night, it’s no biggy, there’s ample room left to get me through 2 or 3 days without even having to worry about it.

The extra oomph up hills is noticeable and i’d say it adds another 5-8 degrees onto a gradient that it can tackle comfortably. On even steeper hills, the old trick of giving it a scoot along works even better – the motor definitely works harder for you on this machine.

Over grass and rougher ground, it’s the same story as the M365, it handles it fine, yes you feel the vibrations, but not as much as with a solid wheel option of scooter, and of course, we’d recommend that you fill the tyres with slime to prevent the inconvenience of a puncture.


One of the main upgrades of the Xiaomi Pro is the inclusion of a more comprehensive central display. On the original, the 4 dots were all you got to tell you all sorts of things – well on the Pro you just have to glance down to see how fast you’re going, what battery charge you have left, what mode you’re in and how many miles you’ve done. It’s the small things in life, but this does make a difference and is useful. The number of times I accidentally slipped into eco mode on the old M365 without realising it was far to many – on the Pro, if it happens, you can see instantly and address it ( after all – who would want to be in Eco mode?  ).

The brakes are operated by your standard bicycle lever style – very comfortable and familiar. The throttle is the now standard thumb throttle lever The lights are operated by the central control console. All in all, this scooter has all the functionality you need, it has been made easy and designed well for use by anyone.

Who’s it for?

This is an ideal commuter scooter – however, be aware, it does weigh in a few KGs heavier than the original M365. Doesn’t sound a lot, but I definitely noticed it when carrying it around. But if you don’t need to carry it far, yes it’s great for the morning commute to and from the train station. It’s also a great scooter for just general riding around in downtime. It’s fats enough to feel like you’re going somewhere quickly,  but not to fast to make it feel like an adrenaline ride.

The added battery and motor power described above opens this model up to a much wider audience that previously may have disregarded the Xiaomi due to its range or inability to climb hills.

I can see the Pro being the go to electric scooter over 2019 and 2020 .


Whilst not quite as widely available as the M365, the Xiaomi Pro is now available to buy from the usual reputable electric scooter etailers. Our understanding is that the stock arriving in the UK will build over the next 6 months, and expect it to be featured in more and more places, but for now, check out our price list at the top – this gives you the best price, and also the main stockists where you can buy it. Be aware of cheaper imports – we have written an article on this here – and would . advise you to steer well clear.


The design of the Xiaomi Pro is, lets face it, pretty much the same as the Xiaomi M365. They have added a few highlights of red to the wheels and forks to make it easily distinguishable, and up close, you do become aware that the baseplate is bigger and it just seems a bit more…. large. But that aside, its a slightly slicker designed M365. I simply have to mention the bell – I didn’t like its inclusion on the M365 and I feel the same on the Pro – for a machine that’s increased in its overall specifications, comes in at £525 – why oh why does it have a bell that looks like it belongs on the hotel desk of Fawlty Towers? It just doesn’t suit this scooter at all and I’m surprised Xiaomi have included it,.


The Xiaomi Pro is without a doubt going to be the best selling scooter in 2019. Based on the success of the Xiaomi M365, it’s price point and its ease of use it makes sense that this will become the default scooter for many people. It’s a really decent spec, does what it needs to do, and lets face it, it looks pretty cool ( apart from the bell – why did they keep the frickin bell?! ). I view the step up from the original Xiaomi M365 very much like the latest iPhone upgrade – there’s enough difference for you to feel like its worth the extra money, but I probably wouldn’t upgrade within 6 months of having bought the original.

Overall – if you’re looking for an electric scooter, have a budget of around £500 and are going to be using it for day to day commuting or buzzing around – the Xiaomi M365 Pro is a great choice 🙂

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