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Zoom Stryder Review

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At a normal price of just under £600, the Zoom Stryder is an affordable electric scooter that doesn’t cross the threshold into premium, but doesn’t come in at the budget end of the marker either – it’s pitched right in the middle ground and, to be fair to the Zoom, that’s exactly what it delivers. It’s better than the entry level scooters that you’ll pick up for £300-£400, but it hasn’t quite got the finesse and refinement of the premium level scooters of £800 and upwards. No, what Zoom have done, very well in my opinion, is taken the factors that are important, done them well, and made a scooter that deserves it’s price tag, and won’t disappoint but probably won’t positively surprise you either.





Who’s it for?

The lightness of the Zoom Stryder make this e-scooter a popular choice for commuters who may have part of their journey on other modes of transport, so need to fold and carry it for short periods. At 10.9kg


We found the Zoom Stryder a little hard to get hold of compared to the mass availability of your Xiaomi’s and Ninebot Segways – but it is out there, and you’ll see the reputable stockists and their prices at the top of this page. When we made further enquiries, a common story is that the Zoom Stryder sells out as fast as it comes in – it appears that it’s “that” scooter with a cult following – no one seemed to know exactly why, but it just does generate demand.


Ok, so when Zoom made the Stryder, they did a lot of things well and hit the nail on the head for the range of specs against the price, but it’s fair to say on the day they came to do the design, they must have had some staff shortages. I’m not saying the design is horrendous, it most definitely is not, but it just looks like any other scooter – EVER. Literally, it looks like a traditional kickscooter with some lights on – and maybe that’s no bad thing, but with the evolvement of the Ninebot range, the Unagi coming into the market and the Xiaomi’s looking better and better, the Stryder just doesn’t do anything for me from a design point of view.

It sort of looks like a bog standard scooter, and maybe my biggest grip with this is the fact that it deserves more. It’s actually a really good scooter for its price range, and with a little more invested in it’s design, it could easily attract a price tag higher than where it is.

If your thing is substance over style – the Zoom Stryder will be an excellent choice, but if you like some style and looking good while you scoot is important, I think Zoom might miss you as a potential customer.

Summary – Zoom Stryder Review

If you have a budget of £600 and are looking for a scooter that delivers above the normal Xiaomi M365 sort of spec, then the Zoom is a good bet for you. It’s an enjoyable ride, the full suspension makes a difference, and if you’re looking at this to be your every day commuter scooter, the light weight of the Zoom really comes into play. Easy to fold and carry in a moments notice.

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